CCNF ceased operations in February 2016, and this website is no longer active. Thank you to all the contributors that made the Forum a success. We had a good run! -MAQ

Phase II: Policy

Phase II of Climate Change National Forum will begin once the CCNF Scientist Community has conducted a transparent examination and thorough discussion on the latest policy-relevant research on climate science, climate change, and ocean acidification. This will likely be no earlier than January 2015. It all depends on how active the Forum is, how fast the Socratic dialogue on the science progresses, and whether or not CCNF gets funding.

The Socratic method. "School of Athens" by Raphael

Socrates in Raphael’s “School of Athens.”

Crowdsourcing subject matter experts and policy makers for a scientifically grounded marketplace of policy ideas

During Phase II, subject matter and policy columnists will be able to use the platform to discuss and debate the policy implications of climate change in the featured section and in designated policy areas of the website. CCNF staff will attempt to crowdsource subject matter experts in various fields (economics, energy and industry, regulation and free enterprise, sustainability and the environment, religion, youth, teachers, former military, etc.) and policy makers on both sides of the aisle who are willing to enter the Forum and answer the question of what (if anything) can or should be done about climate change as a nation.

All policy discussion and debate on CCNF will be based on the science discussed or reviewed by the CCNF Scientist Community.

Blogging on the science will continue

Blogging on the science of climate change by the CCNF Scientist Community will continue in Phase II as more studies are published and the scientific knowledge of climate change advances, but the main focus will be on the policy implications of climate change. If a policy columnist proposes or advocates for a policy position based on certain research or an area of science that has not been discussed or reviewed by the scientists, the moderator (journalist) will note it in the Forum and post or submit the referenced material to the CCNF Scientist Community for comments.

General bifurcation of science and policy

There will be a general bifurcation of science and policy in the Forum during Phase II. Subject matter or policy columnist members will be able to publish posts and comment only in the policy sections of the website. Similarly, the science columnist members will only be able to publish posts in the science categories of the website. However, unlike the subject matter and policy columnists, the science columnists will be able to comment under the policy posts in the Scientists’ Comment Thread. This is intended to keep the policy discussion and debate moored to the science.

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