If We Build It, Will They Fund?

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The goals of Climate Change National Forum are to detribalize the issue of climate change; advance climate literacy across the American public, especially among the misinformed and uninformed; and serve as a neutral platform for an unprecedented and enduring bi-partisan national dialogue on what can or should be done as a nation — one that will command the attention of the American people. This will enable the greater American public to come to an understanding on the implications of this issue and make an informed decision on the way to move forward. CCNF has the platform, the scientists, the thought leaders, and the plan to make this happen. In fact, we are already well on our way.

Climate Change National Forum

With little-to-no funding and based out of Houston, Texas, CCNF issued a national call for the Fellows and scientist-members of the American Meteorological Society, American Geophysical Union, and American Institute of Physics to participate in this journalistic Forum experiment, amassed an initial group of scientists that would grow into the diverse community of volunteer scientists across the nation and world that we have today, and kicked off an open and transparent dialogue — starting from scratch and with zero assumptions — on the science of climate change and its most policy-relevant questions. Through the posts, comments, discussions, and debates of this ever growing community, the Forum developed a common working knowledge of the science, upon which all subsequent policy discussion and debate will rest. CCNF now stands ready to continue scaling up to a achieve a critical mass and to initiate the CCNF project’s policy phase with full force, but we can’t do this without funding for a staff. This project has grown far beyond what a part-time law student and intermittent intern/staffer can manage.

All that is required to move forward and execute our plans, is a few corporations or foundations stepping up to the plate and sponsoring CCNF.

What is a scientifically grounded bi-partisan dialogue on climate change worth?

CCNF USA Cities Analytics

CCNF USA Analytics, medium-to-large cities, Jan. 2, 2014 – Dec. 1, 2014. Image shows sessions (visits in a single sitting) per city for an 11 month period since Forum went live. The darkened circle in the zoom window is Grand Prairie, Texas, a medium-sized city with a decent amount of CCNF traffic.  Total CCNF advertising budget for 11 month period: $35.

A unique opportunity for a corporation or foundation to become a recognized leader in the climate space

Corporate Sponsor Podcast

Sustaining sponsorship will enable a local or national corporation or foundation to raise its national profile in the climate space, play a strategic role in the advancement of climate literacy in America (and the world, considering 20% of our traffic is international), and demonstrate real leadership by serving as a highly visible patron of an ongoing and unprecedented national dialogue on climate policy – one that will be grounded in science and based on shared values. No one has been able to achieve this, yet it is within our grasp. The only question is whether the business and philanthropic community will step up.

What is your scope of ambition on climate?

Corporate SponsorsThis project is demonstrating success and immense potential, but the shoe-string budget that we started with has long been exhausted and we are now running on empty. So here’s the deal:

With modest funding (e.g., a few individuals and small business sponsors), CCNF will hire the staff of three required to sustain operations and continue scaling up. The Forum will become bustling with activity, and CCNF will create a separate site geared for young students, which will feature content from the future section on climate science education and communication. CCNF will have a very active YouTube channel and podcast/radio show featuring interviews with CCNF’s contributors, regular updates on the national dialogue, and video panel discussions and debates. Finally, CCNF will establish an unprecedented, scientifically grounded marketplace of bi-partisan policy ideas on what can or should be done about climate change as a nation.

With moderate funding (e.g., two to three core sustaining sponsors), CCNF will expand operations and staff, become a premier climate journalism outlet, promote the national dialogue in American media, and conduct a national road tour. At this level of funding, CCNF will begin to command the attention of the nation and detribalize this issue, advance climate literacy on a massive scale, and familiarize all facets of the American public with the competing policies and energy choices regarding what can or should be done.

With a level of funding and resources remotely close to being commensurate to the challenge we face (e.g., five core sustaining sponsors who are as committed to informing and educating the public on this issue as we are), CCNF will be a game-changer and serve as the national forum where an informed policy can be hashed out on climate change before the American people. This will enable the nation to make an informed decision on this issue.

With no corporate sponsorship or foundation funding, CCNF will die.

If you have the resources, help CCNF be the game-changer on this issue by making a sustaining commitment to financially support CCNF today. And if you want CCNF to advance climate literacy and the national dialogue before the key climate negotiations in Paris in late 2015, please do this soon. We can make this happen, but not without your help.


-Michael Quirke




Below are insights on the audience that CCNF has gained since starting the Forum on January 1st, 2013.  Throughout this year CCNF has operated on a shoe-string budget and a volunteer community of contributors and staff.

CCNF USA Analytics

CCNF National Analytics, Jan. 1, 2014 – Dec. 1, 2014. Image shows sessions for an 11 month period since Forum went live.  CCNF gets an average of 3,00o sessions per month. Total national sessions: 20,474. Other national insights: 58% bounce rate; 03:31 average session duration; 2.33 pages per session average (all good averages, demonstrating an engaged audience).

CCNF Total Active Users Analytics

CCNF Total Active Users Analytics for an 11 month period since Forum went live on Jan. 2, 2014.

CCNF Ohio Analytics

CCNF Ohio Analytics. Image shows sessions (visits in a single sitting) for an 11 month period since Forum went live on Jan. 2, 2014. Other Ohio insights: 41% bounce rate (very low); 04:37 average session duration (very engaged); 2.75 pages per session average. Total CCNF advertising budget for 11 month period: $35.

CCNF Global Analytics

CCNF Global Analytics. Image shows sessions (visits in a single sitting) for an 11 month period since Forum went live on Jan. 2, 2014. Insights on sessions: Australia 1,641; Netherlands 983; India 317; Philippines 109; Saudi Arabia 100; Tanzania 39. Other global insights: 60% bounce rate; 03:06 average site duration; 2.18 pages per session average. Total CCNF advertising budget for 11 month period: $35.


Michael Quirke
Executive Director
Climate Change National Forum

CCNF is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit confirmed by the IRS (EIN# 45-4570998). As such, donations to CCNF are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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