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CCNF to present at AGU Fall Meeting: “Advancing Science Literacy Through the Climate Change National Forum”

October 6, 2014 8:08 am0 comments

UPDATE 11/12/2014:  If you plan on attending AGU14, we hope to see you at Dr. Nielsen-Gammon’s oral session and that you stop by CCNF’s booth (#2714) in the exhibit hall during the peak hours. Stay tuned for more CCNF updates and events to be announced on our Twitter feed, @ClimateChangeNF!

Advancing Science Literacy Through the Climate Change National Forum

Session: Climate Literacy and the Culture of Science: Promoting understanding of how science works.

Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon at UH

Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon

Abstract: The Climate Change National Forum was established almost a year ago to provide a publicly visible platform for discussion of scientific issues related to climate change and, at a later date, policy options motivated by climate change science. The site is also designed to promote public literacy in the culture and conduct of science by incorporating dozens of active scientists in a broad range of climate science and related fields and encouraging dialogue among those scientists. The forum provides a rare window into scientific debate, allowing non-scientists to see how scientists evaluate the work of others, construct meaning out of various bits of evidence, formulate ideas, challenge their colleagues, and (on occasion) develop a consensus. As such, the site is intended to have educational value well beyond its climate science focus.

Presentation Type: Oral

Session Date and Time: Wednesday, 17 December 2014, 9:15-9:30 AM

Location: Moscone South, 102

AGU Fall Meeting

Exhibit hall at the AGU Fall Meeting. Source: Republished under fair use.

CCNF’s oral session and exhibition present a fantastic opportunity for the project to grow its national profile and, most importantly, get more scientists and experts to join our science columnist community and participate in this national dialogue! CCNF managed to send a representative and get a booth at last year’s conference, but that was before the dialogue had even officially begun. It was just an idea and beta website then. Now it’s a reality, and it’s working!

The Forum has demonstrated some considerable success these past 9 months. We’ve built an engaged community of leading climate and physical scientists, gained a readership that spans scientific and political spectrums, and are truly advancing climate literacy in America.  We have also built a #SciComm brand that will likely be recognized by thousands at the conference. We look forward to engaging with all kinds of scientists, science communicators, students, educators, journalists and readers throughout the week’s events. We expect to sign on a large contingent of new science columnists during or shortly after the conference. We’re stocked!

When it comes to climate science communication, CCNF is the cool new kid on the block.

“#CCNF is so hot right now.  We can’t wait for Dr. Nielsen-Gammon’s presentation at #AGU14. #Climate #SciComm #SciPolicy” Source. Republished under fair use.

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