CCNF ceased operations in February 2016, and this website is no longer active. Thank you to all the contributors that made the Forum a success. We had a good run! -MAQ

Become a Galileo Capital Sponsor

GalileoClimate Change National Forum is on the verge of creating an ongoing, scientifically grounded marketplace of bi-partisan policy ideas on what can or should be done about climate change as a nation. Thanks to the dozens of leading climate and physical scientists that have contributed to the Forum these past 11 months, this national dialogue will be based on a common, accurate understanding of the science of climate change. It will be a highly visible platform with various subject matter experts, thought leaders, and policymakers on both sides of the aisle coming together to share and debate ideas. No one has come close to achieving this, yet it is within our grasp. Furthermore, based on the initial group already assembled, CCNF is on track to amass a community of participants that transcends partisan labels and could very well de-tribalize this issue.

There’s just one problem: The nonprofit has no money. CCNF’s shoe-string budget has long been exhausted and the nonprofit is now running on empty. That is why we are calling on a few generous individuals, businesses, or corporations to become true patrons of Climate Change National Forum by making contributions of $10,000 or more.

Patrons, teachers, and students in Raphael's "School of Athens."

Patrons, teachers, and students in Raphael’s “School of Athens.”

These generous individuals and entities will be called Galileo Capital Sponsors and, unless told otherwise, CCNF will recognize and thank these generous patrons on our homepage for the life of the Forum.

The first fifteen Galileo Capital Sponsors will be thanked on CCNF's homepage for the life of the Forum if desired. CCNF's funding sources will be publicly available information.

CCNF’s integrity is paramount. As such, CCNF’s funding sources will be publicly available information.

If you have the means to make a donation at a level commensurate to the ambition of the CCNF project, then we hope you will become a Galileo Capital Sponsor of Climate Change National Forum. Such patronage will enable CCNF to scale up and advance the national dialogue on climate change beyond the current partisan morass.


Michael Quirke
Executive Director
Climate Change National Forum

To make a tax-deductible donation to CCNF, please make your check out to “Climate Change National Forum & Review” and send it to our office address at Climate Change National Forum, 1016 East 6 1/2 Street, Houston, TX 7009. CCNF will send you a thank you letter with a receipt for your tax records. Climate Change National Forum & Review (also doing business as “Climate Change National Forum” or “CCNF”) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit confirmed by the IRS (#EIN: 45-4570998). Donations are tax deductible. Support Climate Change National Forum! Become a Galileo Capital Sponsor today!