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    • The Carbon Cycle and Climate Models
      Lulu Liu

      The Carbon Cycle and Climate Models

      To tell the story from the beginning, consider the carbon atom - 6 protons, 4 valence electrons, 4th most abundant element in the universe - basis of all life on earth. It's locked up in rocks and plants, dissolved into our oceans, and mixed up with other gases in our atmosphere. As rocks it shows up as coal, limestone, or graphite for instance. In the rivers and oceans it's mainly carbonic acid. In the atmosphere, carbon dioxide and methane gas.... Continue Reading...

    • Fears of Freezing: The 1970s are calling; They want their climate policies back
      Will Howard

      Fears of Freezing: The 1970s are calling; They want their climate policies back

      A top economic advisor to the Australian Government recently suggested in an op-ed published by the national daily The Australian that one scenario we should be prepared for is global cooling due to a possible change in solar activity. Certain reports in the U.S. media have also suggested cooling may already be upon us because of the sun. What is one to make of this? Should we be prepared for global cooling driven by changes in solar output? Dr. Will Howard... Continue Reading...

    • What Is Business As Usual?
      John Nielsen-Gammon

      What Is Business As Usual?

      This post examines the scenarios and pathways used over the years by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to represent possible future emissions, atmospheric concentrations, and temperature changes. In particular, it seeks to determine which, if any, of the current Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) can be regarded as “business as usual” for the purposes of estimating the consequences of taking no mitigating action against climate change. Back in January, fellow CCNF columnist and Texas A&M University colleague Andrew Dessler... Continue Reading...

    • Teaching Climate Change through Six Questions
      Jeremy Shakun

      Teaching Climate Change through Six Questions

      Given all the back and forth on climate change out there, it can be hard to know what to think. It's also a complicated subject, so much of the information is distributed all over the place or in huge tomes. Below I've put together a fairly quick overview that I've used for teaching, which might be helpful to others. One of the key things to keep in mind is that there are actually several distinct questions surrounding global warming, even... Continue Reading...

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